From the Heart of Sister Ida

These are Sister Ida's own words that we have shared in our Joyful Apostolate Newsletter under this Feature Category

Opportunity to strengthen our commitment

Sister Ida wrote this to the Sisters in September 1975; it is perfect for today’s Covid reality. The spirit of our Community is to live our baptismal commitment to the […]

Our Summer Activities

What did we do in the summer?  We had Girls’ Camp, Family Camp, home-visiting, University studies, 8-day Retreat (for all of the Sisters), 30-day Retreat for two Sisters, 50th and […]

God’s name is “Love”

The very first Girls’ Camp we planned was sort of scary; we were wondering how all the work and effort we put into it was going to work out. We [...]

The Miracle of God’s love!

I am sure we will be amazed in heaven when we will know the fullest story of our vocations and God’s tender loving care in calling us.  It is truly […]

We are one body in Christ

The comments and prayer below are from the first General Chapter in 1976. We are one body in Christ, not because we chose it but because we were chosen. Christ […]

The origin of our 5 Step Illustrated Method for teaching religion

It is not just what we say but who we are that preaches to the people and is the source of apostolic action.  We are being sent on a mission. […]

The Kingdom of God

We know that the Kingdom is not only the Kingdom to come when we see God in glory, but the Kingdom is already here.

Thanksgiving with the Communion of Saints

Faithfulness with gratitude is a shortcut to heaven.  There is a time to remember what the Lord has done for each one of us.  We have experienced this in so [...]

What is our original inspiration?

“What is our original inspiration? It is to honestly convey the message that there is a God who is real, who is alive, and He loves you and cares for […]

We fall on our knees before our Savior and give Him thanks

We fall on our knees before our Savior and give Him thanks: 1. For coming among us and that we can know Him. We thank Him for giving so much [...]

God calls each one of us

Sister Ida recognized her call to consecrated religious life when she was 17 years old (pictured), and joyfully gave her life to our Lord, teaching and sharing with us up […]

You are the Beloved!

Really, who are we?  What does the world say?  The world says, “You are what people say about you.” “You are what you do.”  “You are what you have.” What […]

The Joy of the Resurrection

The joy of the Resurrection must be part of our lives. The world can look at John Paul II and believe him. He is a Resurrection person. We each have […]

Our Blessed Mother’s place in our life

Our Blessed Mother has a place in our life which we do not have to make for her. All we have to do is discover what her role is, and […]

God makes His home in you

Jesus says, “If you love me, I will make my home in you.” What is a home? It is a place where you are loved, cared for, missed, accepted as […]

The Holy Trinity is very specially present among us during a Chapter

The Holy Trinity is very specially present among us during a Chapter. I was praying over the letter that Cardinal Pironio from the Congregation for Consecrated Life wrote about General […]

There is no one more charming than Jesus Christ

There is no one more charming than Jesus Christ. He is most human, not in the sense of having weaknesses and defects, but in the sense of understanding and loving […]

We are drawn to be united to God

God cannot not love us. He loves us! Why? Not for any secondary reasons like what we have or what we do. He loves us because of who we are. […]

God called our Community into existence

It was God who called our Community into existence. The original inspiration is very much from God, it is His work. Our original inspiration is to spread the goodness of […]

Seek the face of the Lord

Consent to God’s gift of Himself as Mary did at the Annunciation (Luke 1:26-56) “Be it done to me according to your word.” She was overwhelmed with joy seeing herself […]

Our True Worth

If we had three vessels: one glass, one large plastic and one smaller gold cup, which one would be most precious? If we were lost in a hot and dry […]

Jesus is our Hope

Do we have hope today? In the beginning of the Gospel of Luke, when Jesus was born, there is great hope, great rejoicing. Those who came to see Him in […]

Be with God in your “Inner space”

Jesus promised that what we ask from the Father in His Name, He will give to us.  We can ask the Father in Jesus’ Name to renew our hearts, minds […]

God has reserved a spot in your heart for Himself

When we light a candle in the twilight, we can see much more of the candle than in daylight.  Its light penetrates the darkness, and makes it disappear.  Once we […]

My greatest joy: Being in His Presence

Sometimes we seem to know much better how to serve, to do things, than simply just “to be” in God’s company, enjoying His love and His presence.  The joy which […]