The Joy of the Resurrection

The joy of the Resurrection must be part of our lives. The world can look at John Paul II and believe him. He is a Resurrection person. We each have to be a Resurrection person: we have to do all we can to learn what it means to not only live in the shadow of the cross but in the presence of the Resurrection and its joy.

St. Paul’s message (2 Tim) is addressed to every one of us: “Fan into flame the gift God gave you…

God’s gift was not a spirit of timidity… We have been entrusted to look after something precious… Proclaim the message and, whether welcomed or unwelcomed, insist on it… Put up with your share of difficulty… Remember the good news; Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.”

We have the message of hope and we proclaim it to the world! This is what we have to communicate with our lives: we have to be examples of the resurrection: we have to be joyful, full of joy no matter what happens. This is part of our Christian life.

We have union with all those who share this Spirit of God. We are in the center of that “cross” which is the union of the saints. This is the Mystical Body of Christ, this wonderful community we are part of, this magnificent ecclesia, the Church, “those who are called,” a community vibrant with faith, with hope, with charity and love.