We are drawn to be united to God

God cannot not love us. He loves us! Why? Not for any secondary reasons like what we have or what we do. He loves us because of who we are.

In a magnet there are two separate poles. A magnet draws objects to itself which are similar in substance to the magnet. Although we cannot see the magnetic power with our eyes or the difference it is making in the iron, the magnetic power actually transforms the makeup of a piece of iron.

If that little piece of iron could speak, it might say, “I began my journey toward the magnet, I was moving ahead steadily, until I was united to the magnet.” Suppose the little piece of iron had free will and would say, “I started my journey to the magnet, but then I decided to try something different and I dipped myself in plastic or porcelain.” Then what would happen? The piece of iron would never make it to the magnet. Why? Because it put on something which was unlike the magnet. As soon as it will get rid of the “coat” it put on, it will be drawn to the magnet.

What happens in magnetism? That piece of iron becomes magnetic. Then it can pull others and unite others to the magnet. But if it is separated from the magnet, it will fall off, and it cannot bring others into that unity.

God loves us, not because of our good deeds, but because of who we are; He loves us because He has so much of Himself in us. We are created in the likeness of God. Because we have His love in us, we are transformed.

This is what it means to be united to God. We can do things which are God-like. We can say “I am doing it,” but how much like God, because we have His love in us.

Sister Ida, pray for us.