Opportunity to strengthen our commitment

Sister Ida wrote this to the Sisters in September 1975; it is perfect for today’s Covid reality.

The spirit of our Community is to live our baptismal commitment to the fullest in faith, hope and charity, with the added powers given to us by the Spirit of God, loving as our Lord loves. This is our charism, to teach about Him as loving as He really is and to cling to the Person of our Lord, to cling to His love both when things go well and when things do not go well.

I am convinced that as long as we are on this earth, we follow our Lord’s life which is always a life of death and resurrection. In times of troubles and difficulties we have the opportunity to strengthen our commitment. Those are opportunities when we can tell our Lord, “I know you are here even though I do not feel that you are with me and I know that you love me more than I could ever love myself. I also know that you will bring the very best out of this awful situation. I may have ten good solutions but you have a thousand so I ‘allow’ you to take care of it.”

We have to be very clear… If we would confuse faith with feeling, we would be in trouble. It is a very great privilege to live for God alone, to work for Him and to actually share a home with our Lord Jesus Christ day and night. When we cling to His Person it is a time of purification in our relationship with Him. We know we are not going on our own power. God gives us His Spirit and He vivifies us. If we believe, there is nothing He cannot do in us, and for us, and with us.

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