Servant of God Sister Ida Peterfy prays for us

Msgr. Cyril Navin

Sister Ida was always special to me and the church she served so well.  Looking forward to the day when her sanctity will be given more formal Church recognition.

Msgr. Cyril Navin -

Deacon Alan Holderness

We attended our First Family Camp in 1993.  That was a bad year and a good year: the bad – I lost my job; the good – most importantly, we were introduced to Sister Ida, Sacred Heart Family Retreat Camp and the community of Sisters Devoted to the Sacred Heart.

I remember being impressed with the teaching method of Sister Ida.  She made it so simple to understand those very complicated theological ideas.  I remember the humor of Sister Ida and all of the Sisters we met.  I was so impressed with how joyful the Sisters seemed to be and how that joy spread to all of the adults participating in the weekend.

Now looking back over the years, my wife, Holly, and I were talking about how important the Sisters have been in our lives.  We have been involved with many groups throughout our married life, but the Sisters are the only ‘church group’ we know that ministers specifically to families.

How impressive!  Such a small community of Sisters, and such great influence for so many families all over the world! Thank you, Sister Ida, and all your beautiful Sisters!

Deacon Alan Holderness -


In February 2007  we learned that my daughter needed surgery for what two different doctors said looked like cancer…

One day, while making a visit to church, I found a prayer brochure with Sister Ida’s picture and story of her life.  I said the prayer to obtain a special favor for 9 days.  This was Sister Ida’s favorite panic prayer.  I asked Sister Ida’s intercession so that the doctors would be wrong about the cancer, and my daughter would be all right.  I trusted in God, but still felt scared, since I had lost a sister to ovarian cancer.

The day of the surgery we waited at the hospital and prayed.  When the doctor came to tell us the results of the surgery, with great joy she said, “There is no cancer and no hysterectomy!” She said that God answered our prayers.  We were filled with God’s Peace, and felt His Divine love all around us.

I joyfully thanked Sister Ida for her intercession.  My daughter is doing fine and is healthy and blessed.  Thank you for the beautiful prayer brochure about Sister Ida.

J.J. -


I have used Sister Ida’s thoughts as part of my class prayers and the students like them.

Lisi -


In preparation for first Holy Communion, Cheyne attended a retreat at the Heart of Jesus Retreat Center.  He was in a wheelchair. He was diagnosed with a progressive disease for which there is no cure.  His legs were very painful, “On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 32,” he said.

Sister Teresa asked Cheyne if he would like to wear a medal that was touched to Sister Ida’s grave and together they would ask for Sister Ida’s intercession.  Cheyne was happy to receive the medal!

The following year, Cheyne’s mother brought him to the First Communion retreat of his younger sister.  Cheyne was briskly walking along!  His mother said that three weeks after he started wearing the medal touched to Sister Ida’s grave his pain level went to zero; Cheyne could walk unassisted, which was completely impossible before, and he even went snow skiing! His doctors cannot explain the drastic change.

Cheyne -

Joyce D'Rozario

In thanksgiving for three impossible favors granted through the intercession of Sister Ida.  Some urgent legal paper work…passport in India…my daughter-in-law has delivered a healthy baby.

Joyce D'Rozario -

Isabel Piczek

Sister Ida introduced a new “style,” a new manner of sainthood, indeed A NEW WAY…[showing that] serving God is not a “sacrifice,” it is a Joyful Apostolate.

Isabel Piczek -

Tim Walsh

I keep Sister Ida’s thoughts with me at my desk.  I find myself peeking at it three or four times a day just for the reassurance of her faith in God.  She certainly appears to have been an amazing woman

Tim Walsh -

Mae Frampton

Words cannot express the joy I felt when I was given “The Source of our Joy” by Sister Ida!  It has renewed my spirit!  Immediately, I felt a warm feeling like I was sitting in the sun.  I read her biography and then the booklet and could not put it down till I finished it.  I have a low back problem…I am walking straighter and faster, plus I feel happier and feel connected to her.

Mae Frampton -


My daughter’s roommate was out of work for a year.  I found a copy of Sister Ida’s panic prayer – she now has a great job.

Rumbo -

Maria Bair

Kevin had come off the respirator the day after Sister Ida’s medal was taped to the head of his bead…The doctor did not understand what caused this rapid turnaround.

Maria Bair -

Michelle Johnson

When I set out to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I took with me a medal touched to Sister Ida’s grave.  I had heard that she was an avid hiker. At 15,000 feet, I still felt good but I was afraid. At night, I prayed and asked Sister Ida to help me and to watch over me. We had to start hiking up at 4:30 am. My fingers went numb, I had a headache. I asked Sister Ida for strength and to help me overcome my fears. At 18,300 feet I felt better!  At the top I thanked Sister Ida for helping me, and placed the medal under the flags at the summit sign.  I asked her to look out for all hikers coming up the mountain. She will always be there looking out for them!

Michelle Johnson -

Prayer to Obtain a Special Favor - Adapted from Sister Ida's "Panic Prayer"

I love you, Lord, I praise you. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for me. Lord, I am totally helpless. Only you can help.

I ask you to grant…(mention intention). This is my burden. I give it to you. I know that you love…(mention name). I know that you love me.

Please, come and enter this situation. Please, help as only you can help. I know that your Heart is moved by need.

Thank you, Lord. I trust and accept your Divine Will. I believe you have already given me what I am asking. I place all my trust in you.

I ask you to grant my request through the intercession of Sister Ida. Amen.

Have you received an answer to prayers through Sister Ida's intercession? Or do you have a memory of Sister Ida you would like to share with us?