Our Community Life is a Reflection of the Life of the Holy Trinity

Our Life as religious Sisters is a wholehearted response to God’s 100% love; the love of Our Lord is everything! We not only receive His love with joy but we are able to return His love united to the Heart of Jesus. The Father has given everything to us through His Son, we return all to Him in our Devotion to the Sacred Heart. This is God’s free gift made possible through the Holy Spirit. Our life of consecration is the call to live the fullness of our Baptismal grace in following Jesus, our life is lived for God alone.

As Sacred Heart Sisters, we receive assignments and live together in a loving atmosphere in local Communities. Encouraging and supporting one another we take a sincere interest in each Sister’s spiritual growth, personal initiative and creativity in daily living, in our apostolate, and our mission in the Church.

Our life as Sisters in the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart is a family life; we share in the Family of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Living in Community, our Sisters pray together, enjoy meals with one another and work in teams in the apostolate. Throughout the year our local communities come together for days of prayer and renewal, ongoing formation, special events and holidays.

Our Life of Consecration is characterized by:

Oneness with God

“We are totally dedicated to God in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His love permeates our life and apostolate. We spend time in daily personal and communal prayer knowing that we cannot proclaim Him unless we know Him and experience Him as the Person Who alone can fill our hearts.”

Genuine Love for One Another

“The oneness of each of us with our Lord is the root of our deep unity with one another… We nourish this relationship by taking a sincere interest in each of our Sisters… The Spirit of God invigorates us and unites us in the common life we share in Christ…”

Loving Service for His Church

“Feeling for the needs of the Church, we use our God-given talents with a deep sense of responsibility to invite people to turn to God with confidence. We present Our Lord Jesus Christ in an attractive manner, so that those whom we teach would want to be united with Him in every way, especially in the Sacraments and through the Eucharistic Sacrifice.”

Vivid Faith-Life

“Faith leads us to a deep appreciation of each person as someone very precious whom God loves personally and uniquely.”

Humble Reliance on God to Help Build Community

“We know that without Him we can do nothing…Inspired by His Heart which is always moved by need, we joyfully and willingly give ourselves in generous service to others in community.”

Zealous Love

“To serve Our Lord Jesus Christ in spite of all difficulties…We strive to live in His loving presence and to be completely trusting in Him.”


Taken from SDSH Constitutions

Our Charism

Society Devoted to the Sacred HeartThrough our charism Our Lord is asking us to tell His people that He is alive and present in history. He is asking us to communicate that He has a Heart burning with love for each one of His children not only in a general way, but personally.

Servant of God Sister Ida Peterfy, SDSH Foundress


Charism {kar-iz-uh m}

A specific gift or grace of the Holy Spirit which directly or indirectly benefits the Church, given in order to help a person live out the Christian life, or to serve the common good in building up the Church.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart
Consecrated Life

A permanent state of life recognized by the Church, entered freely in response to the call of Christ to perfection, and characterized by the profession of the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience

Catechism of the Catholic Church (see 914)