The Miracle of God’s love!

I am sure we will be amazed in heaven when we will know the fullest story of our vocations and God’s tender loving care in calling us.  It is truly a marvel and miracle how God gave us life, and how He tended this life for such a long time and made it grow. All comes from Him and even more than what we can clearly realize.

Through us, people will, or will not see our Lord as so loving, so good, so much a teacher, life-giver and healer. We don’t do something only because it is “smart” or “good,” we do it because this is what Our Lord wants us to do.

If you love someone so much, it is impossible to work in any other way than with your whole self, with all your talents, all your energies and inventiveness. It isn’t about the work you are doing but about the Person you are doing it for.

The miracle of God’s love!