God has reserved a spot in your heart for Himself

When we light a candle in the twilight, we can see much more of the candle than in daylight.  Its light penetrates the darkness, and makes it disappear.  Once we have light around us, we can see.

There is darkness in the center of a candle light.  If we wanted to remove that little dark spot, we would have to extinguish the candle!  We would have to kill the flame!  The dark gas feeds the flame!

It teaches us something about ourselves and our relationship with God.  When we discover God in our life, when we love God, our life is bright and happy.  But in the “inner space” of our hearts there will always remain a dark “vacancy.”

We can be in the midst of a large crowd of people, and still feel empty, lonely and wishing for more.  We do not feel full; we are not fulfilled.  Is that bad that we still feel that something is lacking?  What does this show?

It shows that in the “inner space” in our hearts there is a spot reserved for God Himself!  He made sure that we would have a space for Him that nothing else would fill.

When we enter that space, we find Him there.  It is true!  God loved us first!

We can hear His words in Psalm 139: “I know you; I created your innermost self.  I put you together in your mother’s womb.  I loved you.  I have called you by name.  I formed you, you are mine.  Do not be afraid; I am your Savior.”