Be with God in your “Inner space”

Jesus promised that what we ask from the Father in His Name, He will give to us.  We can ask the Father in Jesus’ Name to renew our hearts, minds and souls, to give us unity in our families, to help us to see God’s goodness and love, and to respond.

So many times we make the mistake of believing that things or persons can fill that basic inner space which God reserved for Himself in each one of us.

The flame of a candle can remind us of this existential reality – God keeps a place just for Himself in every person’s heart.  If you look closely at the candle flame, you will see that there is a dark spot around the wick.  If you try to fill that space, you will extinguish the light.

Although you have a good marriage, a wonderful spouse and children, you may still feel lonely.  It is just a reminder: that is the “space” in you that cannot be filled except by God; this is God’s space for Himself.

God is the God who loves to communicate with us.  Go to that “inner space” where God is, and listen to Him saying, “I loved you before you ever existed.  You are precious to me.  How much I love you, care for you, give for you!  If I gave you my son, what is there that I would not give you?”

Today, when we have so many heartaches, scares, fears – which are all legitimate – we need to go to Him and allow Him to tell us who we really are.

Ask Him to give His Holy Spirit to you.  He can inspire you and give you the courage, the power, the strength you need.

Don’t be shy.  Go to that “inner space.”  Be with God.