Our True Worth

If we had three vessels: one glass, one large plastic and one smaller gold cup, which one would be most precious? If we were lost in a hot and dry desert, which one would be most precious for us? If all three vessels were empty, we would discard them all because they would be nothing but a burden. What if all three were filled with water, which one would be most precious?

Most likely the plastic vessel, because it would be easy to carry, and it would hold the most water! Glass is breakable and water would soon evaporate from the gold cup.

What is the worth of each one of us? Sometimes, we measure our worth by appearance, by our profession or work. When we compare ourselves with others, we might say, “I am not worth much… What have I accomplished?”

What is our true worth? Look deeper, look inside your heart, and ask, “Who am I really? Am I lovable? What is my worth?” You are God’s unique masterpiece! Remove old labels, and stop calling yourselves “names.” Simply allow yourself to be a child of God. Good parents love their little children just because they are theirs, long before they “accomplish” anything!

What will God say to us when we meet Him in heaven? Exactly what a parent says when the child arrives home. When we meet God, we will suddenly clearly realize how precious and lovable we are to Him!

Allow God to begin to show you how precious you are. With faith and trust, look! Listen! He is always communicating to us His love, His encouragement, His kindness and goodness. He loves each of us personally!