The Kingdom of God

We know that the Kingdom is not only the Kingdom to come when we see God in glory, but the Kingdom is already here.  God is everywhere, it is only our limited vision that we do not see him present, and therefore, people are free to accept Him or not.  Our inspiration is to tell about the Father, to tell about Our Lord – how good, loving and accepting He is, how much He is dying to save us, how much He wants us to be united to Him; this is the whole point of anybody’s life!

The original inspiration was definitely to teach religion: to spread the goodness of Our Lord, to spread His loving Heart, to let the people know that this is what God is like!  We connect people with the living God and with the source of His life – the Sacraments.  To convey this message to the world, and translate it and make people understand, and have them love according to it so that it would be effective in their lives – this is very much our original inspiration.  This is our joy and our greatest gift – we are doing what we are doing through the power of Him who loves us and who incorporated us into His own life.

Every religious is an apostle.  The Apostles were the ones who were sent to “witness,” to be “messengers” of Christ’s saving power.  In this sense we are first class witnesses because we are witnessing not just with our words but with our whole life.  Jesus said “I was sent on a mission from the Father.” Then He said, “I send you.” (John 20:21)  Being sent on a mission is not a work we assume on our own; apostolate is not just a private enterprise, it is a commission from Christ.  It is through His power that we are doing what we are doing.  We are sent by Christ and by the Church.  We are called to be an active apostolic community.  Our apostolic mission is very much part of our religious vocation. This is a privilege!

If you love someone very much, then you work with that inner energy and you do it well, to the best of your ability…It is about the Person you are doing it for…it is to feel with, think with, move with that Person.  From an excerpt of a talk given by Sister Ida