Our Blessed Mother’s place in our life

Our Blessed Mother has a place in our life which we do not have to make for her. All we have to do is discover what her role is, and who she really is in our life.

God chose Mary from all eternity for a very special role. She had real freedom to say “Yes” or “No” to accept or not accept this role. In His mercy and integrity God does not force us or take away our freedom.

Why did God choose Mary? This is a mystery of love, and God is Love. God chose Mary and Mary accepted His love. Before Mary became the Mother of God, she was already the “bride” of God. Why? Because God chose her from all eternity to be the Mother of the Son of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through her, we have God-made-man in a visible form.

When the twelve year old Jesus was lost in Jerusalem and Mary and Joseph were looking for him, people might have asked “What does the boy look like?” Joseph could answer, “He looks like his mother”. Jesus resembled Mary in his features.

Jesus spent 30 years with Mary and only 3 years with his apostles. Imagine the tremendous amount of communication between Jesus and Mary!