We fall on our knees before our Savior and give Him thanks

We fall on our knees before our Savior and give Him thanks:

1. For coming among us and that we can know Him. We thank Him for giving so much light of His own light. The “Light of the world” shed His most precious rays on us, and in His light we found the best path.

2. We give thanks to Him for accepting us, for accepting the offering of ourselves, and making us totally His own! Our life is one with His life.  We have no earthly riches; we only have one treasure: the will of the Father. We have no comfortable plans and hopes for the future, all we have are hearts filled to the brim with trust in Him. We cannot see yet what the Father plans for us, but with joy and delight we give Him everything we have. How beautifully obvious the “one body” is! It is not our merit, but His marvelous love that envelops those who belong to Him.

3. We give thanks to the Father for allowing us as members of Christ, to work hard in the great work of redemption, and we give thanks for the crosses that it involves. We know that we must live, work and suffer with Him, so we can rise with Him. The grain buried in the ground will bring forth fruit, a hundredfold. If it is totally consumed, it will become part of the entire harvest! The one, who lives in Christ as the member of His Body, will share in the entire work of redemption, even if she herself did not even save one single soul. Millions of souls thank her for their eternal, never-ending happiness in Christ.

And now, with embarrassing humility we offer the gifts of our Society to You, Lord. But by your light we have to blush; everything we gathered for you with the sweat of our brow is so little! But we offer it all to You anyway. In each of our little gifts there is a light, the light of love. We have done all for You! We know that it is all pleasing to You. We solemnly promise to You, Jesus, that we will be true to You until our last breath, and we storm heaven for your graces to remain faithful.