There is no one more charming than Jesus Christ

There is no one more charming than Jesus Christ. He is most human, not in the sense of having weaknesses and defects, but in the sense of understanding and loving human nature. He is real God and real man. He has a real Heart with real emotions, real sentiments of love.

No one understands human nature and loves it better than He does. Human nature is so complex that even we who possess it hardly understand it. There are so many reasons why we might feel a particular way, there are so many things affecting our bodies. We know that even the best artist cannot play the violin beautifully if even one of the strings on the violin is loose.  Our soul acts through our body and this union is sometimes disturbed because of human weakness. Our Lord knows that.

Jesus came to show us that, if we feel sad, dejected, discouraged, it is not because God doesn’t love us. It is only because we are human. Feelings come and go, they can change. They are not what is most important. The spirit we are working with is what is important. We mistakenly think that if something is harder, it is more pleasing to God. But if we really love someone, we are happy to do anything at all for that person. The measure is love. Love makes it easy. God never misses the good we do. No matter how small, He sees and appreciates all that we do out of love for Him.

Have a heart-to-Heart talk with Our Lord. He is waiting for you.