Our Summer Activities

What did we do in the summer?  We had Girls’ Camp, Family Camp, home-visiting, University studies, 8-day Retreat (for all of the Sisters), 30-day Retreat for two Sisters, 50th and 25th Jubilee celebration for four Sisters (editors’ addition in italics).

Now you know all about our summer. Or, do you?  These are the facts, the data, but there is so much more behind it, so many stories involved. Data is for filling out forms for school or work. The stories are for friends who want to hear more.

For years you may have heard about God, and you loved Him for what you heard, but when you meet him in person, then all of a sudden, all that you heard falls into place and you begin to understand. It is always exciting to know more about someone you love, and every occasion deepens this knowledge.

Every summer we have the chance to be together, to get to know each other better. It is exciting and wonderful!  God gave us intelligence and he gives us the chance to use his gift. He respects us. He is God with those he loves, those who are the work of his hand. Where is he? Above us, below us, on our right, on our left, He is completely surrounding us. How much closer can you be to someone!

There is a big difference between being somewhere with the intention of learning, or just sitting back and being an observer. God has so much to tell us, but do we listen? There is no end to the surprises he has for us but we have to listen and be open.