What is our original inspiration?

“What is our original inspiration? It is to honestly convey the message that there is a God who is real, who is alive, and He loves you and cares for you and He is very close. And that it isn’t true that you have to “measure up” through your own efforts or doing to be worthy of being loved by Him. We love God in the name of the Church with an undivided heart. And this is the essence of Religious Life. It is about who you are. From who you are comes what you do, it isn’t the other way around. Community does not just mean living under the same roof. When we are talking about community, we are talking about the work of God. He does not give individuals to the Church. He called us as a Community, primarily a Community in love with God. When we say that religious life is a deep, profound mystery of God, we mean that it is a deep plan God has for the salvation of mankind through Religious Life. It was not invented by men, it was invented by God. We can dedicate our life to God, but only God can consecrate; He can put His hand on you and say, ‘You are mine, you have my life; I am gifting you with it: I am gracing you with it: it is my free gift to you.’ What is primary, what makes community is this call from the Holy Spirit to live the life of the Holy Trinity, to realize the tremendous goodness and love of God, giving everything back in return because we have received all from Him, and continuing the mission of Our Lord in His Church.” Excerpt from a talk given by Sister Ida