God makes His home in you

Jesus says, “If you love me, I will make my home in you.” What is a home? It is a place where you are loved, cared for, missed, accepted as you are, home is where you belong.

This home is offered to each of us in the Heart of Christ. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there.” That is home!

God is like a parent; He did not have to have us but He wanted us. God reveals Himself in tender images: a hen protecting her chicks, a father watching for his son, a mother who would never forget her child.

God is our Parent who puts up with us, never gives up on us; His faith, love and trust in us is shown to us in so many ways!

Parents do not “rub it in” that they are present to their children; they just keep giving gently and generously. God is always coming with thoughts, plans, desires as the God of comfort and consolation.

God’s love is given to us freely, uniting us, taking us into His Family, sharing His life with us. With the inner vision of faith, look beyond yourself; see the good and loving persons around you.

Do you see Him coming? He comes into our life, and into the life of every family. “If you love me, I will make my home in you.”