God called our Community into existence

It was God who called our Community into existence. The original inspiration is very much from God, it is His work.

Our original inspiration is to spread the goodness of our Lord, to let people know what God is like, that He has a loving Heart, that He loves you and cares for you; how much He wants you to be united to Him.

“Lord, how will your love, your mercy come across?” The fruits of my prayer are the lessons we teach. In our lesson plans we bring out the loving Christ who has a Sacred Heart. This is what we teach: that personal, tremendous love of God for each person.

“Zeal for my father’s house is consuming me!” If you love someone, it isn’t about the work you are doing, but about the Person you are doing it for. This is our inner attitude, this is zeal.

There is an urgency to teach about God – this is the original inspiration of our Community. We are sent, as Jesus was sent; we are sent as the Apostles were sent. Whatever we have, whatever we are doing, it is to bring us, to bring others, in contact with God.