My greatest joy: Being in His Presence

Sometimes we seem to know much better how to serve, to do things, than simply just “to be” in God’s company, enjoying His love and His presence.  The joy which comes with contemplations comes from our relationship, our consciousness of God’s love for us, and that we are always present to Him.  His love and care never leave us.  John 15:4 “Make your home in Me, as I make mine in you.”  He means it. So many times, when life was hardest, (e.g. during the Russian occupation), this reality, that never leaves me, gave me the greatest joy.

Think of contemplation as nothing else but exposing ourselves to God’s presence, to Him who is infinite Love and infinite Joy.  Otherwise, prayer looks so “hard.”  If you have a very good friend who loves you very much, you are happy to be in each other’s company.  It is not a “duty” to be with them.

His loves does not depend on my accomplishments.  He loved you first.  Before you did anything for Him, He loved you.  We struggle to acquire virtues; at the same time, His love is freely given; His love is not a reward for our good behavior.  No amount of accomplishment could make us worthy to attain God’s love, unless He gives it freely, as He does.

Do I accept that God loves me?  He chose me to be His dwelling place.  So many times, in the Psalms He says: “I find my delight in the children of men.”  Respond to His presence within you, with joy.  St Augustine went all around the civilized world, soaking in philosophies, searching for God.  Finally he found Him.  He said: “For so long I was looking for You, and you were right here in the depths of my being.”

There are so many “prayer techniques,” yet He is right there, in the depths of your being.  The “technique” is not as important as the reality – that He is choosing us to be His dwelling place, and He is loving us this much.  Simple uncomplicated joy in His presence is a great way to pray.