In February 2007  we learned that my daughter needed surgery for what two different doctors said looked like cancer…

One day, while making a visit to church, I found a prayer brochure with Sister Ida’s picture and story of her life.  I said the prayer to obtain a special favor for 9 days.  This was Sister Ida’s favorite panic prayer.  I asked Sister Ida’s intercession so that the doctors would be wrong about the cancer, and my daughter would be all right.  I trusted in God, but still felt scared, since I had lost a sister to ovarian cancer.

The day of the surgery we waited at the hospital and prayed.  When the doctor came to tell us the results of the surgery, with great joy she said, “There is no cancer and no hysterectomy!” She said that God answered our prayers.  We were filled with God’s Peace, and felt His Divine love all around us.

I joyfully thanked Sister Ida for her intercession.  My daughter is doing fine and is healthy and blessed.  Thank you for the beautiful prayer brochure about Sister Ida.