Deacon Alan Holderness

We attended our First Family Camp in 1993.  That was a bad year and a good year: the bad – I lost my job; the good – most importantly, we were introduced to Sister Ida, Sacred Heart Family Retreat Camp and the community of Sisters Devoted to the Sacred Heart.

I remember being impressed with the teaching method of Sister Ida.  She made it so simple to understand those very complicated theological ideas.  I remember the humor of Sister Ida and all of the Sisters we met.  I was so impressed with how joyful the Sisters seemed to be and how that joy spread to all of the adults participating in the weekend.

Now looking back over the years, my wife, Holly, and I were talking about how important the Sisters have been in our lives.  We have been involved with many groups throughout our married life, but the Sisters are the only ‘church group’ we know that ministers specifically to families.

How impressive!  Such a small community of Sisters, and such great influence for so many families all over the world! Thank you, Sister Ida, and all your beautiful Sisters!