Sister Rosemarie Karl, SDSH


As a 22-year-old engineering student and qualifier for Bicycle Racing National Championships, I had exciting plans for my future.

God, however, had a different and more exciting plan. Following a priest’s suggestion, I attended a retreat where I spent hours quietly talking with God about His invitation to pursue religious life. Daily Mass, prayer and discussions with the Sacred Heart Sisters helped me to accept that invitation. Nine months later, after giving away my possessions— even my treasured racing bike—I walked through the novitiate doors. I found the loving heart of our Lord Jesus and discovered that God’s plan was so much greater than I imagined!

During formation, my relationship with God deepened through personal and communal prayer. Within a vibrant community, I came to treasure our charism and the dynamic, faithful teaching method of our foundress, Sister Ida Peterfy. As our constitution states: “We cannot proclaim Christ unless we know Him and experience Him as the Person Who alone can fill our hearts.”

In 2001, God gave me the tremendous gift of professing perpetual vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Filled with joy, I pray that my life will always be a loving response and witness to our Lord.


It is a great gift to be able to say yes to God’ plan your our life, for me it was accepting God’s invitation to religious life.. We, each, can inspire others in their search for God’s loving plan by living our lives as witnesses to Christ. I am grateful for those who helped me; and for all those who particularly foster priestly and religious vocations by actively encouraging those who may be called to take the necessary steps to discern God’s plan for them. I remain grateful in my heart and prayers for all those who helped me and encourage me even today.