Invitation to Los Angeles

1956:  In Los Angeles, James Francis Cardinal McIntyre invites Sister Ida to open the Motherhouse in Los Angeles.

Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart
Sister Ida (right standing), Sister Agnes (center), Sister Eva (left seated) with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This image currently hangs in the Heart of Jesus Retreat Center in Santa Ana, CA

Mother Margarita, Superior of the Carmelites of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles, generously welcomes the Sisters to temporarily live with them until they can move into a more permanent convent of their own.  The Carmelite Sisters also give a large picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Sisters as a gift.

1957:  On February 1, 1957, The Los Angeles Tidings runs an article about the Sisters entitled: “Check, Friday, These are Plain-Clothes Sisters”. (This is a reference to a popular television program at the time)   While mentioning their civilian dress, it describes their vowed life, escape from Hungary, and apostolate as catechists.

Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart
Tidings photo of Sister Agnes, Sister Ida and Sister Eva. This picture and caption apicked up by over 30 other papers across the US.

“Although they wear nylons and style their hair as they please, the attractive, smiling young women have taken the customary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  They have dedicated themselves entirely to God…Even in free Canada and the United States their mode of dress has its advantages.  ‘People feel free to ask us silly questions they would not dare ask a priest or nun.’  Sister Ida said.  ‘We can dispel a lot of misconceptions about the Catholic Faith.’”  (excerpt from Tidings article)