Sister Hermine – 80 years of Faithfulness, 102 years of life!

This year, 2021,  Sister Hermine Jaschko, Sister Ida’s first companion, celebrates 80 years of Religious Profession!  We also celebrated Sister Hermine’s 102nd birthday on May 20 this year. As we pray in gratitude for her faithfulness and love, we invite you to watch these videos from her 75th anniversary in 2016.  At the celebration held at St. Euphrasia Catholic Church in Granada Hills, Sister Hermine renewed her vows and shared the story of her profession of First vows in 1941. She is joyful witness of the goodness of God’s call to consecrated religious life and the grace of perpetual fidelity in love. Enjoy!

At the Reception following the event, we sang a song in her honor  entitled “By Your Love.” This song echoes the way Sister Hermine has shown Christ’s love throughout her entire religious life.  Sister Sophia, a vocation from Hungary, introduced the song as she stood next to Sister Mary, our Superior General.

Sister Hermine Jaschko, SDSH

75th Jubilee of Loving Fidelity in Consecrated Religious Life

Sharing my first Profession in Hungary, Esztergom

In 1941 Sister Ida and I met in a Hungarian city Esztergom at a Catholic University College Conference.  I say we met because both of us just finished the school year – she graduated from high school in Kassa and I was a college student in another city named Kolozsvar.

Sister Ida finding me faithful to our community constitutions, offered that I can make my one-year profession at the place of the Conference.  I was extremely happy for it.  The Conference was in a big hall surrounded with school buildings.  She chose an empty classroom and we met there at around 7 p.m.

When I arrived, Sister Ida was waiting for me.  She put a doily on the teacher’s desk and also a few fresh flowers in a drinking glass (She picked the small flowers from the grounds around the entrance.).  – Then she put the crucifix on the desk.

A priest friend – my confessor at that time – who participated at the Conference, was the only guest invited for this solemn moment.

It is very difficult to say now what I felt then.  I was tremendously happy and relieved that I can be accepted even closer to be to Our Lord.

My joy was overwhelming – and I re-live it every time one of our sisters is expressing her love to Our Lord in a form of profession.

This is the first time I am sharing my first profession so openly.  I am happy to share this memory with all of you who have come to pray with us today.