Spreading the Love of Christ on Three Continents

Our Sisters Assigned to Hungary: (Above, left to right) Sister Audrey Tóth, Sister Shannon Stafford, Sister  Guadalupe Rodríguez, Sister Ines Horváth live in Budapest, Hungary, where our Sisters have been serving the people of Hungary and neighboring countries for more than 25 years. Sister Guadalupe has been learning Hungarian while completing her Bachelor’s Degree and fully participating in the summer camps that our Sisters organized and led.

Our Sisters assigned to our mission in Taiwan: Sister Laura, Sister Arlene, Sister Mary Ann, Sister Ann, and Sister Mary Beth
Our Sisters assigned to our mission in Taiwan

(Above, left to right) Sister Laura Bradford, Sister Arlene Te, Sister Mary Ann Lou, Sister Ann Wang and Sister Mary Beth Kozlowski. Sister Laura has been assigned to our convent in Taipei, Taiwan and she has been studying Mandarin since May, with the goal of eventually being able to catechize in Mandarin. Sister Laura’s deep faith and joyful obedience are evident as she has embraced this new assignment.